Housing Experience

ESG has designed systems for numerous housing projects. These types of projects include apartments, dormitories, condominiums, assisted living centers, and elderly housing. Below is a sample listing of our Housing experience.

Condominiums and Apartments Partial Listing
Baskin’s Creek Condominiums
Carlton Square Apartments
Clinton Towers
Duncan’s Landing
Fox Fire Apartments
Gables Apartments
Grindstaff Apartments
Highland Avenue Apartments
Isabella Towers
Jaycee Progress Apartments II
Jersey Street Condominiums
Lanesborough Apartments
London Towne Apartments
Meadowood Apartments
Memphis Elderly Housing
Riverbirch Villages II
Summit Manor Condos
Surfside Apartments
Timbers West Apartments
Townview Towers

Resort Partial Listing
Avatar Resorts
Sunrise Ridge Resort Phase I

Dormitory Projects Partial Listing
Carson Newman Henderson Hall
Jones Hall Dormitory – Brevard College
Maryville College Dormitories
Meredith Cottage at Crossnore School
T.A.N.G. Building 410 Dormitory Renovations

Assisted Living Project Experience Partial Listing
Courtyards at Briarcliff
Blount Memorial Independent/Assisted Living
Dutchtown Assisted Living Facility
Kingston Assisted Living Center