Lakeshore Mental Health Institute – Propane Air Plant

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Lakeshore Mental Health Institute – Propane Air Plant

Knoxville, Tennessee

This campus, located in Knoxville, TN, had decommissioned their aging central boiler plant, and had converted their buildings on campus to stand alone gas boilers and gas water heaters. ESG was selected by the State of Tennessee to design a system to provide this campus with a required back up source to their natural gas service.

This project consisted of a propane-air plant which included an 18,000 BTU blower assisted venturi synthetic natural gas blender, duplex liquid propane pump set, 18,000 gallon liquid propane storage tank, truck transport LP unloading system, maintenance house, relocated emergency generator, emergency generator enclosure, and 1000 feet of underground gas piping. This system blends liquid propane gas with air to produce a synthetic natural gas that does not require any type of equipment orifice change out. This system delivers 18 PSIG synthetic gas to the campus gas main in the event that their natural gas supply is interrupted. This project was completed in 2009, and the construction cost was $308,000.